Facts and information concerning Hockey for Kids


  1. What’s Hockey?


Hockey could be a sport within which 2 groups play against one another, maneuvering a ball i.e., the disc into the opponent’s post by employing a J-shaped sports implement.

  1. Each squad consists of eleven players that form attackers, defenders, and a goalkeeper.
  2. Attackers try and hit, dribble, push, and pass the disc within the opposite team’s goal to get a goal.
  3. Defenders build an endeavor to prevent the opposing team from grading a goal, by counter-hitting the ball with their sticks, etc.


  1. What’s A Hockey Puck?


A disc could be a vulcanized rubber disc that serves an identical purpose as a ball will in ball-related games. Here, area unit some fascinating facts concerning it.

  1. A disc has a three-inch diameter, and other people freeze it before taking part in it so it does not bounce while taking part in.
  2. The first disc was used in the 1800s and was the product of frozen trash.
  3. Bobby Hull is legendary within the history of hockey for shooting the quickest disc at 118 miles per hour.


  1. What’s Special concerning Stanley Cup?


The Stanley Cup is wide far-famed for its commencement in 1893. Here are a unit some facts concerning the tournament.

  1. Stanley Cup is called when the earlier Canadian governor, Lord Stanley of Preston, UN agency earns the name of donating the trophy in 1893.
  2. The Stanley Cup was originally seven inches tall. However, these days it is larger than thirty-five inches tall.


  1. Once Did NHL get Existence?


  1. The National league i.e., NHL is active since 1917.
  2. NHL includes 5 groups, particularly Montreal Canadians, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Arenas, Montreal Wanderers, and Quebec Bulldogs. solely Toronto Arenas has artificial ice to play.
  3. Bobby Orr bagged the primary NHL million-dollar go for 1971. The five-year term contract was $2,000. (5)


  1. what’s ‘The Original Six’?


A group of six hockey groups is legendary as ‘The Original Six,’ which incorporates Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadians, Beantown Bruins, city Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the big apple Rangers. Today, thirty hockey groups area unit notable for being a neighborhood of NHL.

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