The most Fascinating facts about Google


 1.. Google has the most important index of internet sites in the world.


Google incorporates an index with quite three billion websites. once this index would be written, you would get a one hundred thirty miles high stack of paper. This additionally shows the importance of SEO, your audience can have to realize your website between this massive index of websites.


2.. The original name of Google was Backrub.


Later, the corporate wished to vary their name, that is, however, the name: Google was born. Google may be a spelling of the word: Google, the mathematical term for a 1 with hundred zeros. This name would mirror the company’s mission to form all data access to the globe. That figured out virtually, don’t you think?


 3.. The Google search technology is named PageRank.


PageRank assigns a worth of connection to each website and decides however necessary a website is. PageRank is called once the co-founder of Google: Larry Page. SEO ensures you that your website is going to be thought of as necessary by Google.


4.. On August 16, 2013, Google was not accessible for 5 minutes, in this time the world wide web usage was minimized by four-              hundredth.


This truth shows however necessary Google is nowadays. once individuals cannot explore the website that they are searching for, individuals create less use of the web.


  1. Google wished in 1997 to sell their computer program system to Yahoo for $2 of million.


Yahoo did not settle for this supply. Later, Yahoo wished to come back to the current supply and offered 3 billion in 2002. At this point, Google did not settle for the supply. nowadays Yahoo is far less valuable than Google.


  1. The first tweet from Google was: “I’m feeling lucky” in computer code.


Today, Google has 12.2 million followers on Twitter. If you would like to remain up-to-date with all the developments within the computer program, you ought to follow them!


  1. 16% to 20% of all searches have not been searched before on Google.


This means that Google gets countless searches a day that has not been done before. SEO systems need to keep themselves aware of those new developments to stay up-to-date.

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